In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


All Praise be to Allah who made laws with respect to permissible and forbidden things allowing whatever is clean and prohibiting whatever is impure. Blessings and peace be upon the bearer of glad tidings and awful warnings and the trusted messenger, Muhammad (s), and upon his immaculate, virtuous progeny (a) and his chosen pious companions.


 For several years, the office of the leader of the Muslim ummah, honorable Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamene'i (d) has been being showered with religious questions sent from all corners of the globe. His Excellency has been answering these inquiries - the number of which has surpassed tens of thousands - either based on his noble opinion or, in some cases, according to the opinion of the unique scholar of his time and the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini(q). The religious rulings contained in this huge collection concern all topics of Islamic law - particularly the frequently asked ones - in addition to modern problems originating from the heart of contemporary needs and realities. That is why a group of distinguished scholars insisted on its publication in order to make its benefits available to all believers around the world but the honorable Leader who asked to be excused without offering clear reasons declined their frequent requests. However, many believers from all over the world kept insisting on the publication of these rulings until Ayatullah Khamene'i was promoted to the pinnacle by respectable scholars occupying the highest levels of Islamic knowledge and expertise who entrusted him with the critical responsibility of marja 'iyyah (authority in the field of Islamic jurisprudence); a request to which he acceded finally as a result of his awareness of the importance of this serious religious duty. It was at this time that his honor also agreed to the publication of the aforementioned rulings.

    This collection of religious questions and answers was prepared after it was proofread, ordered in sections, and translated into English. Then, his honor - in spite of being very busy with many important tasks - looked carefully through it and authorized its publication and distribution.

    We would like to acknowledge the efforts of those respectable brothers who shouldered the painstaking and difficult task of preparing this work and participated in the presentation of this valuable book as a reservoir and a guide for believers and made its pure source accessible for thirsty inquirers.



Wassalamu alaiykum wa rahmatullah



Office of Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamene'i       

Religious Inquiries (istifta 'at) Department