Imām Musa Kāzım (pbuh)

7th Imam of the Twelver Shi'a


Imām Musa Kāzım (pbuh)

Taken from Know Your Islam by Yousuf N. Lalljee


Name - Musa

Title - Al-Kadhim

Kunyat - Abu Ibrahim

Born - Sunday 7st of Safarb 128 A.H. , at Abwa (Between Mecca and Medina)

Father's Name - Ja'far ibn Muhammad

Mother's Name - Hamida Khatoon

Died - At the age of 55 years, at Baghdad, on Friday, 25th Rajab 183 AH. Poisoned by Harun-al-Rashid the Abbaside caliph

Buried - Kazmain, Baghdad .


Imām Musa Kāzım (pbuh)

The Seventh Imam

( by Muhammad Husain TABATABAI, Shia in Islam )

Imam Musa ibn Ja'far Kazim, the son of the sixth Imam, was born in 128/744 and was poisoned and martyred in prison in 183/799. He became Imam after the death of his father, through Divine Command and the decree of his forefathers.

 The seventh Imam was contemporary with the Abbasid caliphs, Mansur, Hadi, Mahdi and Harun. He lived in very difficult times, in hiding, until finally Harun went on the hajj and in Medina had the Imam arrested while praying in the Mosque of the Prophet.

He was chained and imprisoned, then taken from Medina to Basra and from Basra to Baghdad where for years he was transferred from one prison to another. Finally he died in Baghdad in the Sindi ibn Shahak prison through poisoning and was buried in the cemetery of the Quraysh which is now located in the city of Kazimayn.